SoftApps.io is a Canadian-based sofware development company, with branches extended to the US and Pakistan. We are a complete cycle application development company, starting from scratch, leading to the initial idea, landing to application design, providing quality assurance examination and deployment along with further maintenance.

An up-and-coming one-stop Online Food Delivery website is designed to house a wide range of eatery places and shops for quick and accessible pick-up and delivery service.

An online food delivery app designed to facilitate riders and make pickup and delivery operations seamless and quick.

An entrepreneurial freelance website that brings numerous renowned and new Fashion Designers close to people digitally.

An exclusive B2C, an E-commerce store that lets you shop a wide range of Cannabis and related items with ease at the comfort of your home

A contemporary mobile application that recommends various hair products exclusive to users need based on an extensive Hair Quiz

A geo-social online dating platform that makes finding potential partners easy and promising with just one sight and swipe! 

A global Freelance Marketplace where individuals and businesses connect to avail services across a wide range of niches easily.

A mobile application that facilitates a sustainable way of sharing Files and Documents formally and clutter-free with ease, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

A subscription-based on-demand video entertainment streaming website with exclusive curated global content across a wide variety of genres and languages.


A daily fix for caffeine-craving people! A Coffee delivery mobile application that makes ordering coffee more convenient and time-efficient.

PLEIN MOBILE distributes and transports natural gas to hundreds of thousands of customers.

We think Bitcoin has succeeded on the level of a new currency, but the payment system is lacking so no worries this is where TRDG comes in

Great things happen when Wapda City gets involved. Let Our Family Show Your Family the Way Home! Search, Observe, and Love. Engage the services of Wapda City!

PLEIN MOBILE distributes and transports natural gas to hundreds of thousands of customers

Maintaining a healthy diet lifestyle, simply put a cannabis production company in Canada that offers CBD services to consumers.


If you’ve ever given up on a fitness New Year’s Resolution, you know how difficult it is to stick to workout goals. Staying on track is primarily a mental game, so don’t dismiss the value of workout motivation. We’ve done the legwork and compiled the workout app

As well as project management. Building is best left to the pros. Nobody wants a flop on their next project, so we’ll make it happen! Arrowmount Construction has a broad vision, thoughtful planning, and a handcrafted design.

Looking for someone for your uncleaned clothes SPIC is here to takecare of your dirty deeds.

United Traders has a spot for you. Do stock trading today, and you’ll be able to earn money tomorrow. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of bets explainers. Purchase today and secure your future with security

Install the queme app if you don’t want to wait in a queue and find it bothersome.

Irresistible game with daily treasure. Arcade zoo an online game website with 4,444 fantastic NFTs and 9 unique legendary characters.

Lady Bird Hub is a mobile application that allows you to read all types of blogs from various categories.

A music website featuring the lyrics and songs from IAN MULDER’s playlist, where listeners can add their favorite song to their add to favorite bar


Uber clone is the mobile Application that allows its users to send items to their loved ones as well as book rides at any time of day in just one click


A website that allows users to sign up, play, and earn free credits and bonuses by playing online casino games. Rune Stake is a fun way to test your luck.


The modern way to save and grow your money. Cashlet is an app that set and tracks your progress towards your financial goal